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Here you can watch my 2 security camera's and move them around with PTZ control
The pan tilt and zoom "PTZ" dome camera used

PTZ pan tilt zoom IP Camera

PC control center

Security control program for PTZ camera and recording

I-phone control application for your security camera

IP Cam smart phone
Control your IP camera from Smart Phone I Phone

The system works through WiFi so the only connection needed is power to the dome camera.

IP PTZ Camera installation

As you can see the camera can connect to your router via WiFi (if in range) or via CAT5 lead. As well as video the system also has 2 way audio so you can hear what's going on and even speak back out of the camera.

System requirements


2.0GHZ or above (suggested 3.0GHz)

Memory Size

256MB or above (suggested 1.0GHz)

Display Card

64M or above

Supported OS

Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7


IE6.0/7.0/8.0/Firefox/Safari/Google chrome or other standard browsers

This system comes with free DDNS, This is a server on the internet so at your home or work there is no need for a PC to be connected. All that is needed is a internet connection with router turned on and you can connect to the system from your PC or smart phone from any place in the world.

If you have a IP camera and would like to give access to it via your website click HERE for details. The code will work with most Foscam IP cameras F19821W F19820W F18910W F18916W F19820W F18904W F18905W F18620 F18919E F18909W F18918W F18908W Foscam Wired H.264 and many Foscam clones.

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